2022 Virtual Conference

Thank you to everyone who participated in the NECAS Virtual Conference 2022!

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3 Sessions + 3 NECAS Nights

NECAS Nights Part 1
An Intro To the Main Event and a Report From ICAS Headquarters!

This brief session will included a roundtable discussion about trends in the industry and the outlook for 2022 and beyond from ICAS President John Cudahy and others.

A surprise presentation to thank Dave “Huggie” Cooper for his years of service to the Air Show Industry and NECAS can be seen here:

Saturday, January 29th Session Schedule:

Session 1-

Annual Meeting +

The Successful Models of 2021 and What We Learned

We heard from 4 different shows about their format decisions and the best practices that were developed because of those decisions.

Speakers were:

Kevin Walsh, Thunder Over Michigan

Bryan Lilley, B. Lilley Productions

Holly Doty, Airshow London SkyDrive

David Cooper, Geneseo Airshow

Session 2-

The Proper Care, Feeding, and Development of Sponsors of All Sizes

We heard from 3 different experts with years of sponsorship and donor development. This session has valuable takeaways for all members as we’d all appreciate spending someone else’s money wouldn’t we?

Speakers were:

Kim Dell, Cleveland National Air Show

Phil Pacific, ADC Group

Mike Kaufman, ICAS Foundation

Session 3-

Demystifying Ticket Pricing

We heard from 2 different experts with years of event ticketing experience who’ll provide some takeaways for any sized show that will increase ticket revenues.

Speakers were:

John Haak, Event Sprout

Eugene Loj, Air Show Profit System

Happy Hour!

It wouldn’t be NECAS without a chance to have a beverage or two!

We encourage you to take a break and let the wealth of knowledge you learned today soak in while you enjoy a beverage.

At least the line for the bathroom will be shorter?

NECAS Nights Part 2-

Military Jet Team and Regulatory Roundtable

We heard from Blue Angel 8, ACC, 1 CAD, FAA, Canadian Forces Snowbirds, and more about what to expect in both the 2022 and 2023 seasons.

Roundtable Moderators were:

Dave Cooper, Air Show Event Organizer, NECAS Board Member

NECAS Nights Part 3-

Performer Roundtable

This session was performer centric and included Kevin Coleman, a representative from the ACE Committee, and others.

Roundtable Moderators were:

Dave Hewitt, Air Show Pilot, NECAS Board President

Mike Tryggvason, Air Show Pilot, NECAS Board Member

Conference Sponsors


The Military Aviation Museum is home to one of the largest private collections of World War I and World War II era military aircraft in the world.

Visit their collection by clicking here!