North East Council of Air Shows

The 2019 elections took place during the AGM in January at the annual Conference. 2020 elections information will be posted October/November. If you would like to nominate someone before that time, please reach out to the NECAS Board via

The NECAS Annual General Meeting will be held at the start of the 2019 NECAS Conference on January 26, during which time, the 2019 Board of Directors will be chosen. Election to the NECAS Board is for a 3-year term and a member can be elected to two consecutive terms.

This year’s NECAS Nominating Committee will recommended 3 names for the slate of nominees to fill 3 eligible positions on the NECAS Board, and they will be posted here shortly. 

As per the NECAS Bylaws (primarily Section 9), we’re required to have 9 board members with 3 board positions up for election every year (3-year terms). The three usual positions that are up for election this year are held by: Ben Canetti, Dave "Huggie" Cooper and Diana Spremo. Ben and Diana are both completing their second terms on the Board, and Huggie is completing his first. 

Nominating Committee
The Nominating Committee working for the 2019 elections is made up of Diana Spremo,
 Chair (as past Board member not up for re-election), David White, as a previous Board member, and John Haak as a member at large.

Nominating Others
Any NECAS member who wishes to nominate him/herself or anyone else for election to the Board of Directors, as per the NECAS Bylaws, has until 10 days prior to the AGM to submit a nomination(s). Please send a completed nomination form to the Nominating Committee Chair: Diana Spremo at by January 16, 2019. 

2019 Nomination Form

Voting Proxy
As a reminder, members of NECAS are individuals, not organizations. Thus every active member gets a vote. If you are unable to attend the Conference, we encourage you to fill out and submit a voter proxy form.

2019 Proxy Form

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