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The North East Council of Air Shows supports air show performers, producers and suppliers in the eastern part of the United States and Canada. In the U.S., our area covers east of the Mississippi River, and in Canada our area covers Ontario and eastwards. But of course, everyone in the air show industry is welcome to join us. 

NECAS is a regional branch of ICAS -- the International Council of Air Shows. For 29 years, NECAS has had a strong regional influence in the aviation industry.

NECAS believes in the acronym, Networking Education Camaraderie for Air Show success. 

Thank you to our members and guests for your continued support.

Annual Conference

As it stands right now, the 2021 Annual Conference is on hold until further notice.

More details to follow in the coming months.

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ICAS -- The International Council of Air shows will hold its annual ICAS Convention December 8-10, 2020, virtually.  Please follow the ICAS link for more information.

NECAS will likely host a regional meeting virtually during the ICAS Convention. More details to follow soon.


2021 Board of Director Nominees

1.) Mike Tryggvason of 10G Aerosports  (Board selected Nominee)

Mike states: "Mike Tryggvason has been a member of NECAS since 2010 and a member of the board since 2019. Mike is a Canadian pilot and began his airshow flying career in 2011- first in a Pitts Special, then transitioning to high performance monoplanes. He specializes in high energy, maximum performance aerobatic displays and is an active competitor in the North American aerobatic competition community. A professional pilot by trade, Mike also holds a BESC in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Western Ontario. His past experience includes work in aerospace engineering research and development, flight operations at a regional airline as a Training Captain, and most recently, major airline flight operations as a line pilot, Level D simulator instructor & Human Factors/ CRM instructor. After his start in aerobatics in 2006 with a Pitts Special S2A, Mike worked with coaching legend Sergei Boriak and began flying formal competition aerobatics in 2009, going on to compete at the US National Aerobatic Championships in 2014 and 2017. He began flying the Giles 202 in 2012, and has been flying airshows and competitions in it from Abbotsford to Oshkosh to Bagotville in the years since. His passion is showcasing precision, high energy aerobatics to the aviation community across the continent and sharing his experience with fellow aviators to help them achieve their goals. Mike now considers it a privilege to have the opportunity to give back to the NECAS family by sharing his time and expertise to support the group and its members."

2.) David Olmstead of Continental Airshows (Board selected Nominee)

Dave states: "I had the privilege of serving as the Operations Director for Continental Air Show Productions since 2002 and now I am continuing Bill Bordeleau’s 51-year legacy of Continental Air Show Productions by purchasing the business at the end of our 50th season in 2019. CASP continues to provide live sound reinforcement and production assistance to air shows across North America.
I also own and operate Behind The Scenes Productions which is an event production and marketing agency in Cincinnati, Ohio that I started in 2004. We have clients throughout the air show industry as well as other local and national organizations we work with annually. Behind The Scenes Productions has received numerous awards for our video productions and is recognized as a “go to” event planner and production specialists within the Cincinnati market and beyond. Behind The Scenes Productions acquisition of Continental Air Show Productions allows a more seamless application of the varied resources and expertise that we can provide to our new air show clients.
I entered the Army National Guard in 1983 at the age of 17 to pay for college, as a Tactical Radio Repairman, and in 1988 I graduated from Ohio University with a degree in radio and television production and was commissioned as 2nd Lieutenant and assigned to the 2/174th Air Defense Artillery Hawk Missile as a Battalion Communications Officer. I later crossed trained into the weapons platform and served as Tactical Control Officer firing the battalion’s first Hawk Missile at White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico. I left the Army as a Captain in July of 2002 and went to work in the non-profit sector where I remained for several years before starting Behind The Scenes Productions."

3.) John Wallace of the Geronimo Skydiving Team (Board selected Nominee)

John states: "I grew up on a dairy farm in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Inspired after watching an old time barn stormer make a parachute jump at a county fair, I made my first jump from our barn roof with a tractor umbrella at age six. My wife, Janie, and I live on our farm in southern Ontario. Being retired from the work force we both are actively involved in community service as well as pursuing our passions of quilting and aviation. I learned to fly in high school and took up skydiving in 1976 while studying Forestry at Penn State where I organized the university sanctioned Penn State Sport Parachute Club. After college I opened a full service parachute center and managed a small airport in Pennsylvania for fifteen years. I was also heavily involved in parachute rigging, outfitting skydiving and pilots, test jumping for manufacturers, and producing instructional emergency jump videos for pilots. I founded the GERONIMO! Skydiving Team in 1981with the operational motto of Performance Excellence. In 1996, working with the FAA and parachute manufacturers I produced and executed the first sanctioned night stadium tandem skydiving exhibition jump that helped pave the way for the FAA’s acceptance of tandem parachute system used for exhibition jumps. Air shows were always my love and joy and I soon began producing small scale aviation events at my airport in the mid 1980’s and continue today with my wife, Janie, producing the annual Sky Fest aviation festival at Sherkston Shores Resort in Ontario, Canada. The excitement and joy that I see in the eyes of the young spectators attending an air show is my reward as both a performer and producer. Aviation is my passion and over the past forty years aviation has been both a part-time and a full-time venture for me. When not in the air I have pursued a myriad of occupational fields ranging from forester, teacher, corporate management, farmer, and ministry service as a pastor to name a few.  Throughout my work and life experiences I have always valued team work and the importance of having a high degree of honor and integrity as well as a positive attitude for success. In 1997 I was partially paralyzed in an auto accident and after a five year recovery learned to walk again. From that humbling and life changing experience I learned that there is no obstacle too big to overcome unless one allows fear and doubt stand in the way. Having our industry devastated by a microscopic virus is something that no one could have imagined and I see this pandemic as an opportunity for our industry rather than an overwhelming obstacle. Active networking and cooperation between performers and producers as well as collective innovative strategies are a must for us to move forward through the 21st century encouraging the younger generations to take the lead. The good old days are still ahead of us and I want to be able to help make that happen."

4.) Jim Graham of the London International Airshow (Member selected Nominee)

Jim states: "I am pleased to accept the nomination and put my name forward for the NECAS Board. Airshow producer sustainability will be a significant challenge surviving the COVID pandemic as well as the new norms of the post Covid world. I believe that airshows are community and industry building events and NECAS will play a more significant and important role in the survival of our events. If elected I look forward to contributing to continue to build NECAS as an organization that remains sustainable and advocates on behalf of the show producers and performers.I will apply my business, airshow and prior Board experience to ensure that NECAS and its members will provide the vital exchange of information and voice to ensure airshows recover stronger and sustainable."

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2020 Events

Airshow London - September 12-13, 2020  

Airshow London.docx

"Operation Thanks from Above" - hosted by the Geneseo Warplane Museum - May 16th, 2020  

Thanks from Above Press Release 5_5_20 (002).pdf

2020 Presentations

2020 Conference Guest Speakers

Mike Kujawski is the Managing Partner of, where he currently acts as a senior consultant, trainer and professional speaker for major government, non-profit, and association clients in Canada and around the globe. Mike's specialty areas include strategic marketing and communications, digital/social media strategy development, audience research, personal and organizational branding, social network analysis, and social behaviour change marketing. His specific niche involves helping public sector and non-profit organizations excel in the modern disruptive digital landscape by combining strategic marketing planning with modern research techniques and a proven management consulting process. He is frequently asked to keynote at major conferences and events covering a variety of topics in this area, ranging from the latest trends occurring in marketing/communications to the coming impact of artificial intelligence, augmented reality and internet of things (IoT).

2020 Presentation

NECAS2020 30Marketing Tips.pdf

2019 Presentation


GEORGE E. STEWART, D.F.C. (Distinguished Flying Cross)

  • Canadian (born in Hamilton, Ontario)
  • RCAF pilot
  • 50 Ops in WW II, in a Mosquito (night/daytime intruder operations)
  • No. 23 Squadron RAF
  • Instructor, Nationalist Chinese Air Force
  • Consultant, AvSpec's restoration of their DH98 Mosquito
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