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The North East Council of Air Shows supports air show performers, producers and suppliers in the eastern part of the United States and Canada. In the U.S., our area covers east of the Mississippi River, and in Canada our area covers Ontario and eastwards. Everyone in the air show industry is welcome to join us. 

NECAS is a regional branch of ICAS -- the International Council of Air Shows. For more than 25 years, NECAS has had a strong regional influence in the aviation industry.

NECAS believes in the acronym, Networking Education Camaraderie for Air Show Success. 

Thank you to our members and guests for your continued support.

Annual Conference

The 2018 NECAS annual Conference took place January 26-28 at the Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station in Niagara Falls, New York. The 2019 Conference is tentatively scheduled for the last weekend in January once again.  

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2018 Conference Guest Speakers

Keynote Speaker: Jacquie B, Aerobatic Pilot

"At age 5, standing in the door at the top of the stairs of a DC-3 is the moment I knew I NEEDED to fly! But wait, girls don't fly airplanes! Or so I was told. But I'm pretty sure it didn't matter what I was TOLD. What was in my heart was more important than what I was TOLD. And so my early life went - I emulated what I SAW and FELT, not what I was told!  Fast forward, too many years to count, as a pilot of many years, the unthinkable happens. THE crash. But what they hey - what doesn't kill you only makes you STRONGER!"

Top Ten Ideas for Air Show Professionals: A Perspective from the Home Office 

Drawing on both his own experiences, suggestions and ideas from members, ICAS President John Cudahy will provide a list of tactics, methods, tips and ideas for air show event organizers and performers. From safety, operations, marketing and sponsorship to revenue generation, social media and contracting, Cudahy will provide a frank, focused and informative presentation that reflects the unique perspective he has had within the air show community during his two decades as ICAS President.

Air Shows: Solving the Sustainability Crisis

Stephanie Stricklen will offer a hard look at the industry from key insiders and educated outsiders to break down significant issues we need to face to be viable in the long-term. While the presentation will focus on social media and marketing as a way to reach new audiences, it will also offer topics for extended conversation, like switching from a membership organization to a regulatory one, our aging demographic, and retention. 

Canadian Deconfliction Committee 

The Canadian Deconfliction Committee is being resurrected, thanks in part to former NECAS President and current member Bill Snelgrove (Ontario-based Air Boss). The purpose is to assist in deconflicting Canadian Air Show dates with differing locations. One of the reasons for bringing this committee back is, in the past, the RCAF operated a website that allowed any registered member to view all assets requests. Yet, that site is no longer available. 

Click here for our public access calendar.  

Please send your date information to Plus Bill is always available for any questions or concerns. 

Posted February 2016

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